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Steve Frey
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I'm new to karting and I've been trying to understand what changes have taken place with the HPV/KPV classes after Komet took over. I know they now use a new clutch, obviously since Horstman was no longer in the picture, but first question is, is the new clutch required or optional? Second question is regarding the class/engine HPV-4,  is it now obsolete? Does an HPV-4 need to be converted to an HPV-3 in order to race? I realize that requires only a different flex pipe. Lastly, does this club have a class for HPV-3?

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Hi Steve, I was wondering if you are still looking to use an HPV/KPV motor and enter into a class at BMKC.  Reason I ask is I have one and I saw recently another guy on the BMKC Facebook page that posted he recently bought one.  Would obviously be a small class, but I believe 3 is the min to consider a class.  As for the pipe, we just need to decide which pipe we want to run.  I'd probably prefer 4 because its a bit faster, but wouldn't really matter to me.  Let's chat about this.  Thanks, Doug Lyons

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